Posts Written OnJuly 21, 2008

Our First Video: Rich Pisacano @ Roanoke Vineyards

Rich Pisacano at Roanoke Vineyards (July 20, 2008) from Lenn Thompson on Vimeo. Over the weekend, my new Flip Mino arrived and mostly, I’ve taken videos of Jackson. He’s pretty entertaining and that was the point — to take short clips that we can share with our families (since no one is local). But, I did take it along with me as we visited a few wineries with my parents and I shot this short clip at Roanoke Vineyards as my parents tasted their 2007 chardonnay. This might be the only video I ever post… I’m not sure. It starts…

Ravines Wine Cellars 2007 Argetsinger Vineyard Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes)

When Nena, Jackson, Ben and I traveled to the Finger Lakes back in August, one of our favorite winery visits was at Ravines Wine Cellars on the eastern shore of Keuka Lake. We found the owners, Lisa and Morten Hallgren, charming, passionate and very friendly. And of course the wines were among the best we tasted as well. Clearly, Morten has learned how to get the best out of Finger Lakes grapes and is continuing to do better and better things. I even enjoyed a couple of his reds, and you all know how I feel about most Finger Lakes…

Blind Bat Brewery Blogs

You might remember me mentioning Blind Bat Brewery back in March, when I profiled brewmaster Paul Dlugokencky in canvas Magazine. Well, as Paul continues his quest to become Long Island’s smallest brewery (he’s still awaiting label approval now) he’s making test batches to get back into the brewing zone. And, he’s started a blog on his website. A writer/editor-type by day, Paul will certainly be a welcome addition to the local blogging world. Check it out and see what he’s up to.

Vineyard Visuals: Channing Daughters Merlot, Week 1

As I mentioned last week, Ellen will be visiting Channing Daughters weekly to follow three bunches of three varieties (merlot, chardonnay and pinot grigio) throughout their lifecycle. Instead of putting all three picture into a single post each week, I’m going to space them out a bit, starting with the merlot this week. From Ellen: "An overflow of Merlot grapes, cascading off the vines on a summer afternoon, at Channing Daughters Winery in Bridgehampton, NY."

LENNDEVOURS Q&A: John Zuccarino, Silver Springs Winery

John Zuccarino, who owns Silver Springs Winery in the Finger Lakes, is the subject of today's LENNDEVOURS Q&A. In addition to his duties in the vineyard and in the winery, John also does some online wine education videos and is one of the only New York winery owners to use Twitter. What (and where) was the first bottle of wine you remember drinking?  Growing up in a European-cultured family, you drank wine as far back as you can remember. One memory comes to mind when I was very young sitting at the table in the summer having red wine poured…