In about an hour, I’ll be hopping into the car and driving out to Stony Brook University’s Southampton campus for The Art of Balance: Cool Climate/Maritime Wines in a Global Context, a symposium that I hope will be as educational as it will be fun.
Looking at the agenda, which is filled with lectures, tastings and panel discussions led by prominent winemakers and
vineyard managers from top cool climate/maritime wineries, I can’t imagine that I’ll be disappointed.

I had planned to do some live blogging on-site, but organizers weren’t able to pull WiFi access together for me because I’m not a student at Stony Brook (annoying), but they have set up a "blogging area" in the back of the theater where I will be able to plug in. Now I just need to find an ethernet cable before I leave the house. I know that fellow LENNDEVOURS contributor Bryan Calandrelli got to the Island last night, and that Eileen from Cellarette will be attending but I’m curious to see what other bloggers will be there.

Sorry that the blogging has been so thin of late. Some of you know why, but things are returning to normal at LENNDEVOURS headquarters, so blogging will commence throughout the week.