Personal_tasting_largerThis event has been a long time coming, but I’m happy to announce that LENNDEVOURS and Roanoke Vineyards will be co-hosting an event on Sunday October 19 at Roanoke’s tasting room in Riverhead.

The concept is a quarterly wine bar event that will include a preview of an unreleased Roanoke Vineyards wine, local wine celebs/speakers, light Mediterranean fare and discounts on wines by the glass. Best of all, proceeds from ticket sales will go to a different charity each time.

We’ll also be inviting one or two other wineries to pour one of their wines as well.

And to make it a little bit more fun, we’ll be doing some videos and blogging on-site for LENNDEVOURS during the event.

By the end of the week, I should have confirmed information in terms of what wine we’re going to be previewing, how much tickets will be, and what the charity will be for this kick-off event.

In the meantime, mark down October 19th in your calendar/planner/Blackberry/iPhone.

I’m hoping to be able to sell tickets ahead of time online (at a discounted rate) too. Stay tuned.