Day two of The Art of Balance was just as interesting and just plain awesome as the first day. I’m still working through how to share the NY-related information best, but in the mean time (again) here are some pictures from the day.

This one is of Juan Eduardo Micieli-Martinez (winemaker at Martha Clara Vineyards), Vinny Aliperti (winemaker at Atwater Estate and Billsboro Winery) and Richie Pisacano (vineyard manager for Wolffer Estate and co-owner of Roanoke Vineyards). At the time, they were discussing mechanical canopy trimming if I remember correctly.

Steve Clifton (of Brewer-Clifton and Palmina in Santa Barbara County)


Pascal Jolivet answering (sort of) questions about his definition of "natural winemaking."


The always entertaining/opinionated/knowledgeable Eric Fry (of Lenz Winery) discussing Long Island’s emerging style and that "marketing term" terroir.