Millbrook Vineyards & Winery’s recent ad campaign is both disappointing and annoying. I think it sets the "drink local" movement back at least ten years.

As you can see to the right, they are lauding themselves as having "All the beauty of France, all the taste of California."

Not wanting to take anything out of context, it’s important to note that I understand what they are trying to do here. With gas prices and the economy the way that they are, the "staycation" (a vacation where you stay close to home) is a hot trend. They want people to know that they can have a great wine experience in their "own backyard."

I get that. Everyone should know about their local wine country.

But for what is widely considered the Hudson Valley region’s top winery (even if a bunch of their wines are made with California fruit) to not focus on the unique qualities of the Hudson Valley (and its wines) and instead turn to the 1990s style of "we’re like France" and "we’re like California" marketing just seems lazy.

Anyone who has visited the Hudson Valley knows how beautiful it is… in its own right. It doesn’t need to be compared to an entire country (which is silly anyway, right?) I mean, what part of France are they talking about? I’m sure there are parts that are uglier than others, right?

New York wineries need to grow and evolve to the point where they stop comparing themselves to everyone else. Do what you can do best and promote your unique quality. Please.

(Thanks to our friends at Pour More, for pointing it out)