It takes a little digging on their less-than-stellar website to find them, but the New York Wine and Grape Foundation has finally posted the full medal results from the 2008 New York Wine & Food Classic.

Thanks to our trip to the Finger Lakes this spring, I’ve actually tasted many more of these wines than in previous years. But, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for me anyone to argue with the results. They used professional tasters and we can only assume that they adhered to typical competition procedures. The results are what they are.

Are there wines that I think deserve far better than what they got at the Classic? Are their bronze medal wines that I think far outshine some that got gold? Absolutely. The opposite is true as well. There are wines that won gold that I don’t like at all. That’s how these competitions go.

Remember, we all have different palates people. And even "expert" judges aren’t right 100% of the time. Especially not when you’re tasting as many wines as they did.

There are sure to be complaints from winemakers and winery owners from all over the state.


Check out the full results and if anything strikes you, leave a comment.