Swedishhill_07vidalWelcome to the 49th edition of the original virtual wine tasting event, Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by 2 Days Per Bottle.

The theme? It’s more of a question than a theme:

"What will you drink to toast the end of the Bush era? Will it be
something to honor the 43rd President, or are you just looking forward
to 44? Will it be something from Texas, which Bush calls home, or
Connecticut, where he was really raised? Maybe a nice French champagne,
a bit of a poke in his eye? Or do you prefer Italian prosecco, since
they supported the “War on Terror”? Whatever it is, get ready to lift a
glass and toast the end of an era that America will never forget."

It’s a politically charged edition of WBW to be sure, but it’s also a fun one. I know that I’m ready for the teetotaling dummy to be out of the White House, after all.

But what wine to choose? I do have a few bottles of Texas-grown Tempranillo down in the cellar. I also have a bottle of  blended white wine from Arizona, a state represented in the upcoming election. But that’s just not my style now is it?

I decided to drink something from New York. I know, it’s shocking. I chose Swedish Hill Winery’s 2007 Vidal Blanc ($11), for a couple reasons:

  1. It’s in a blue bottle and I live in a blue state. I tend to vote with my fellow New Yorkers too.
  2. It recently won the "Governor’s Cup" as the top wine at the New York Wine & Grape Classic. There’s a governor in this election too, no matter what you think of her.
  3. I tend to drink a lot of Finger Lakes riesling. I thought it was time for a change. That sounds familiar too, right?

So those are the whys…but how was the wine? Quite good actually.

In the glass, this wine is extremely pale, nearly colorless with only the slightest yellow tinge. Expressive peach, orange blossom and pear aromas are enticing and somewhat riesling-like.

On the palate, it’s heftier than a riesling. There is some sweetness (1.6% RS) but it’s balanced with fresh acidity. The flavors match the nose almost exactly, but with a little minerality and a hint of orange zest on a surprisingly long finish.

In my opinion, it’s a far cry from New York’s best wine, but it’s probably the best vidal I’ve tasted.

Grape(s): 100% vidal blanc
Swedish Hill Winery
AVA: Finger Lakes
Price: $11
Rating: 30
 (3 out of 5 | Recommended)

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