I'm late in posting about this and didn't think I'd feel up to participating (this damn bronchitis has been rough the last few days) but I'm feeling better and planning to at least join in the fun a bit tonight.

Hosted by my friend Dr. Vino (Tyler Colman). The theme of tonight's Twitter Taste Live is is "Drink Local!" as a reaction to the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau, which seems to be hugely overpriced this year ($15 for the stuff air-lifted to the U.S. today and $13 for the ship-bound shipment).

So follow us on Twitter tonight and get details on how you can participate over on TwitterTasteLive.com. I'll be tasting a wine that I've never tasted before (and only ever seen once in passing): Miceli Vineyards 2001 Merlot from the North Fork of Long Island, a gift from my friends at Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard.

Drink local tonight and drink local for Thanksgiving too. Just say no to nouveau.

And don't forget, tomorrow is yet another TTL. Come back tomorrow for more.