Nytlogo379x64 The New York Times is probably the newspaper in the U.S… if not the world, so you can imagine my surprise and happiness over seeing this blog mentioned in its pages earlier this week (just saw it online this morning).

Howard Goldberg, writer of the every-other-week column "Long Island Vines" recommends LENNDEVOURS as one of the websites people should use to check in on Long Island wine country, saying:

"The best wine blog for chatty reviews and news is Lenndevours,
published by Lenn Thompson, whose day job is in Internet marketing. It
is reached at www.lennthompson.typepad.com.
Mr. Thompson has a good palate; his tasting notes are usually on
target. Though clearly a cheerleader for local wines, he doesn’t
hesitate to criticize."

Over the years, Mr. Goldberg and I haven't always seen eye to eye — on particular wines, on the role of blogging in the larger wine discourse, and a variety of other issues really — but I'm honored to be included in this column.

Other websites mentioned include my friend Eileen's blog, Cellarette and the official sites for the Long Island Wine Council and New York Wine and Grape Foundation.

Thanks for the mention, Howard.