SuperbowlIt’s not often that I discuss my complete and utter devotion to the Pittsburgh Steelers here on LENNDEVOURS, but with the Super Bowl just a few days away, I thought it time to discuss my food- and wine-related plans for the big game.

I am extremely superstitious when it comes to the Steelers. I wear the exact same clothes for every game and have forced my wife and son to do the same. I drink beer out of a Steelers glass during the games (and only during the games).

For the playoffs, I take my lunacy to the next level. This year, I’m growing a playoff beard. This is the longest I’ve gone without carving out my goatee in my entire life. It itches and I don’t like it much — and to say that Nena hates it would be akin to me saying that I hate the Ravens. But, I can stick it out a few more days for my team.

Over the course of the playoffs, we’ve eaten several Pittsburgh-centric foods, including Roethlisburgers and pierogies. When we played San Diego, I outlawed all West Coast beers from the house (including my beloved Stone IPA).

Primanti Brothers Sandwich
For the Super Bowl, we’ll be noshing on one of the best-known Pittsburgh foods: Primanti Brothers Sandwiches. No, I’m not having them flown in (I did think about it). Instead, we’ll be recreating these iconic sandwiches ourselves, most likely featuring pastrami and turkey. And, because my parents will be in town tomorrow and Saturday for Jackson’s 2nd birthday party, I’m ‘importing’ some of the best beer from Pittsburgh, Penn Pilsner. It’s going to cost me at least a case of New York wine, but it will be well worth it. My father drives a hard bargain.

What’s outlawed this week? Any and all southwestern food. That means you won’t see any tortilla chips, salsa or quacamole. And no one is clamoring for Arizona beer or wine anyway, are they?

And before I wrap up this post, let me point you to a video that you just have to check out: