I'm a bad, bad founder of Wine Blogging Wednesday. Because the LENNDEVOURS household was plagued by a stomach virus last week, we weren't able to pitch in with our contribution for WBW #55.

But, I wanted to direct you over to host Remy Charest's roundup for those who did take part in one of the better themes we've had in a while: North vs. South. Remy asked participants to compare wines made from the same grape, but from different regions.

I had planned to taste riesling from the Finger Lakes, Long Island and Chile and also cabernet franc from the same regions. It would have been a fun comparision and I may still do it as a post-WBW endeavor.

Thanks for the great theme, Remy and sorry that I couldn't join the fray.

And keep an eye out for the announcement for WBW #56. It's going to be another interesting one that, I hope, will surprise some people.