By Lenn Thompson, Editor and Publisher

Rednewt_08CCgewurztI had a feeling that the new Gewurztraminers from Red Newt Cellars would illicit a response from a few readers. I just knew that some people would have a negative reaction to the prices, regardless of quality.

The price of New York wines — the truths and the myths — is another topic for another time (and soon) though. Today, I want to tell you a bit about the other single-vineyard Gewurztraminer made in 2007 by Dave Whiting at Red Newt.

After much deliberating, I can now say that Red Newt Cellars 2008 Curry Creek Vineyard Gewurztraminer ($41) is my favorite of the two wines, maybe because it's a bit more "classic Gewurztraminer."

Compared to its sister wine, this is definitely the big brother. The nose, while still a bit taut, is spicy, with ginger, ripe pear and minerals.

The palate brings big spice, lychee and mineral flavors along with more pear and apple ripeness. The mid-palate is slightly juicy but the acidity is big and crunchy, pointing to potential longevity. The finish is long and dry with orange pith bitterness.

This is a real Gewurztraminer-lover's Gewurztraminer. I happen to be one and I really enjoyed this one — especially on day two when the nose was a bit more expressive.

Producer: Red Newt Cellars
AVA: Finger Lakes
Price: $41
Rating: 40
(4 out of 5 | Delicious, Distinctive

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