Tastecamplogo As I said earlier today, there will be plenty of posts about TasteCamp, but before we get into those, I wanted to make sure that I wrote this post.

I've been getting a lot of "Thank You" emails from attendees, participating wineries, etc. It's of course nice to get such emails, but everyone involved should be thanking one another for making it such a successful event.

There are dozens of people that I will be thanking individually over the course of the next few days, but today, here are a few blog-worthy thank yous:

  • To all attendees, thank you for making the leap and coming to Long Island wine country for this event. You were eager, engaged and a lot of fun to spend the weekend with. We need to get together as a group more often. I look forward to hearing what you thought of the region, the people and the wines in coming weeks.
  • To all the wineries that poured for us, thank you for (for the most part) bringing out your big guns and showing the best that Long Island has to offer. I think you can expect to get a lot of honest feedback from some very knowledgeable wine lovers very soon.
  • To Grand Cru Classes, thank you for allowing us to invade your educational center for an evening filled with a wide array of wines and even more discussion.

And to my always-supportive wife, Nena, thank you for your help and support on this project. From concept to completion you were an inspiration, sounding board and sanity check.