Or at least he should be.

In case you hadn't heard about it, Murphy-Goode Winery
in Healdsburg, California is looking for a wine-loving social
media guru to help them. The winner of this little contest will receive a 6-month job paying $10,000 per month plus accommodations. To earn that money, the winner will:

  • Explore the vineyards of Murphy-Goode and surrounding areas and
    discover what the Sonoma County Wine Country has to offer, from
    well-known destinations to off-the-beaten-path spots.
  • Taste hundreds of wines and meet the locals in their tasting room.
  • Increase their wine wisdom. While studying isn’t required, our
    winemaking and vineyard experts will take the time to show you how it’s
    all done.
  • Work with winemaker, David Ready, Jr., to create a new wine commemorating your job with us.
  • File reports on your experiences, via weekly blogs, photo
    diaries, Twitter, Facebook, video updates and ongoing media interviews.

The most important part of the job application is a 60 second video that must be uploaded to YouTube, and that is where my friend, Hardy Wallace of DirtySouthWine comes in. He's applied for the gig with the video above. Check it out.