My ADD-infected mind has gotten away from doing Monday morning wrap-ups of New York wine news that happened the previous week, but there are several things going on here on Long Island that are worth of mention.

Maybe this will get me back to doing this every Monday? Who knows, but for now:

  • Starwoodcover First, I'm happy to tell you about the release of Jane Starwood's book, Long Island Wine Country: Award-Winning Vineyards of the North Fork and the Hamptons. Jane is the editor of the Long Island Wine Press (a magazine put out by the Long Island Wine Council) and has been writing about Long Island wine for many years. Jane and I have only met once or twice in person, but we've emailed several times beyond that and she is a thoughtful proponent of Long Island wine. I haven't read the book cover to covet yet, but I've flipped through it at several tasting rooms. The photography, by Bruce Curtis, is one of the highlights.
  • Next up are some congratulations to Jim Waters, winemaker and co-owner of Waters Crest Winery for winning a platinum medal for his Waters Crest Winery 2006 Private Reserve Cabernet Franc. He also won a gold medal for his Waters Crest Winery 2007 Night Watch dessert wine.
  • Howard Goldberg, who covers Long Island for the New York Times, wrote about some current releases from The Lenz Winery this week, focusing on the newly released Lenz 2002 Estate Merlot. If it's anything like the 2001, it is a tremendous value.

This second item begs the question of whether or not you (my readers) want to hear about awards, medals, etc. that New York wineries win. Sometimes it seems that most everyone wins something somewhere at some point, so I tend to not focus on them, BUT, if you tell me you want to know, I'll be happy to post results more often.

Leave a comment with a yay or nay.