Sake The 59th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by The Passionate Foodie, is an homage to Kushi no Kami.

Not sure what that is? I have no idea what it is that's why it's just the kind of WBW theme that inspired the event in the first place — a forced exploration of a region or type of wine that is new or unknown.

So who or what is Kushi no Kami? Turns out that it's an ancient name for the god of Saké.

I've had Saké exactly once in my life and it was cheap, warm stuff at a Japanese restaurant once. It tasted sort of like hot vodka to me without the alcohol burn. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

But, I know that our host is a Saké-loving guy, with tons of knowledge on the subject, but he's making it easy for the newbies:

For this theme, all you have to do is to conduct your own kikishuSaké tasting”)
by selecting any Saké and reviewing it. You will earn bonus points if
you review multiple Sakés of different styles or types. For example,
you could compare a Ginjo to a Daiginjo or a Honjozo to a Junmai. You
will also earn bonus points for pairing Saké with food.

This is all going to go down on July 8, so get your Saké ready.

Read Richard's full post to get all the details and for links to more information on Saké.