By Evan Dawson, Finger Lakes Editor


The photo and the quote come courtesy of Amy Cheatle, tasting room manager at Damiani Wine Cellars on Seneca Lake. Like so many other vineyards, Damiani is battling mildew and trying to tamp down the water-inspired swell of disease pressure. "We need the sun," she says. Across the lake at Hermann J. Wiemer, Fred Merwarth goes further: "We need it to be dry and hot, and we need those conditions soon. We're looking at a serious challenge for this year already, and it's time for the weather to cooperate."

If the Finger Lakes has struggled with rain, Long Island has had it even worse. Next week, Lenn will lay out the effects of the weather on Long Island and how growers are adapting, and I'll report on what it means for the Finger Lakes (believe it or not, there could be a very unexpected and positive outcome up here). Our reports will focus on growing practices — but they'll also be helpful for consumers who want more information on how their wines are made and what they can expect this year.

In the meantime, let's all catch our breath on this gloriously sunny Thursday. No rain in the forecast. Perhaps the summer deluge portends a hot, dry harvest.