By Melissa Dobson, Finger Lakes News Correspondent

Shaw A shared passion and commitment to the "buy local, sell local" mindset brought Shaw Vineyard to select Elmira Distributing as its new distribution partner.  Shaw Vineyard has a reputation for high-quality wines across their entire line and owner Steve Shaw is happy to be in the company of other wineries in Elmira Distributing's portfolio. 

Elmira Distributing represents a handful of Finger Lakes wineries, including Atwater Vineyards, Castel Grisch, Sheldrake Point Vineyards and now Shaw Vineyard.

Both Shaw and his son, Steve Shaw Jr., respect the roots and good record that Elmira Distributing has in the Finger Lakes for promoting and selling local wines. 

Shaw is hoping that local restaurants will "give us (Finger Lakes wineries) more of a chance" and "help to support those who support you."