Welcome to TWOL (This Week on LENNDEVOURS). Every Monday, in an effort to let you know what's coming, we're going to publish a preview, quick-hit style, of the posts coming over the course of the week.

We hope that it will entice you to visit often and I (that being Lenn) hope that it helps the flow of content, well, flow better. Sometimes we all need an official deadline to work towards, right?

This week on LENNDEVOURS, in addition to weekly features like What We Drank and near-daily wine reviews:

  • Notes from the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty dinner: What, exactly, is FLCB? How come anyone can just join? Is it worth it? (Evan Dawson)
  • Ravines Wine Cellars: Come for the riesling, revel in the rose, and leave pondering the Bordeaux blend… and puff pastry (Lenn Thompson)
  • New Hybrids: More Miles Per Gallon With Less Residual Sugar? A look at at Keuka Lake Vineyard's interesting lineup and why they think going dry with hybrids is a significant change. (Evan Dawson)
  • Damiani Wine Cellars Hosts Tweetup: What's a Tweetup? Who was there? What did you drink? (Lenn Thompson)

Rumor has it that Jason Feulner and Bryan Calandrelli will also be publishing pieces this week, but they are keeping them secret it seems.