By Lenn Thompson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

WBWlogo As the founder of Wine Blogging Wendesday, I like to hop in and host at least once a year. It's fun to force people to drink what you tell them to. It's a power rush. A boost to my ego.

Okay. What really happened is that the planned host for September went and got pregnant and gracefully bowed out until after the baby is born in the spring. So, I'm jumping in so we don't miss a month.

After brainstorming a bit, I dismissed simply making participants drink local again. That's been done. But, ever the proponent for supporting local wineries, I did find a new angle that I think will be fun — At the Source.

Rather than walking into your local wine shop to pick up a wine for WBW, I want you to actually visit a winery and taste a wine there. Bonus points if you can taste it with the winemaker or the vineyard manager.

Because I'm a bit late announcing (was hoping to find a host before taking it on myself), we'll push out WBW an extra week and do it on Wednesday, September 16. That should give people plenty of time to visit a tasting room, taste several wines and pick one for WBW.

See how I still kept the local angle in play? Not bad, right?

I understand that this will mean some interesting wines for many of you — especially those in lesser-known corners of the wine world. But, I've had some fun and interesting wines from quite a few off-beat places. Have fun with it.

And remember, you can visit a winery this weekend for WBW, just don't post until September 16.

Email me a link to your post for the roundup please.