By Lenn Thompson, Long Island Editor and Editor-in-Chief

WBWlogo Today is Wine Blogging Wednesday's 61st edition (hard to believe, isn't it) and I'm hosting once again. This month's theme is "At the Source" where I've challenged participants to write about a wine based on a tasting done at a winery. 

Think of it as my way of encouraging a "local wine" story without doing the same ole theme again.

I think this is going to be a fun one, especially for those bloggers who live in lesser-known and non-traditional wine regions. I hope they had fun with it and I hope that there are some fruit wines or off-the-wall things included. 

Me? I'm heading to Lieb Family Cellars after work tonight. The target wine? A newly released 2007 Bridge Lane Cabernet Franc that I've heard some good things about.

Look for my post late tonight and for the roundup over the next several days.

Participants, please make sure that you email me with your submission URLs.