Posts Written OnOctober 06, 2009

The New York Cork Report Welcomes Wyatt Calandrelli to the Team

The New York Cork Report team grew once again a week ago — but just a bit. By 9 pounds and 3 ounces to be exact. It is with great pleasure that the entire team welcomes Wyatt Calandrelli to the site and to the world.  Congratulations to Bryan and Johanna. Looks to me like lil Wyatt had a long day harvesting pinot today. Or maybe he was doing punchdowns? Poor kid looks exhausted. Help me in welcoming the little man to the world and in congratulating the proud and no-doubt sleepless parents.

What We Drank (October 5, 2009)

This is what the editors and contributors to the New York Cork Report were drinking last week. From Evan Dawson: Chateau Batailley 1982 Pauillac When I've had a rough day at work, I tend to behave irrationally if I'm in a wine shop that evening. You can only imagine what kind of day I had last Thursday, when I found myself involuntarily measuring the ullage on a number of older Bordeaux.  I regret to say that this bottle was not exactly what I was seeking. It was, stunningly, as fresh as grapes picked straight from the vine. Well, almost. The…