By Jason Feulner, Finger Lakes Correspondent

October 2009 111 Is it time to officially call the end of harvest? Little Elizabeth (my daughter) seems to think so. Yum!

There is something inherent in the nature of the harvest that lends itself to youthful reward, a sense that we all long for although the vast majority of us no longer experience a real harvest as did our ancestors. It's a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor, to renew our sense of respect for the land, and then bunker down for a nice long winter nap with family and friends.

Falls seems comforting, yet it is full of possibilities and excitement for what lies ahead and for what the Spring will bring.

These romantic thoughts are appealing, but I always remind myself that in this modern age the strength of the harvest does not signify whether or not we will have enough to eat this winter. The stakes are very low but the bounty stirs the imagination nonetheless. Let us all be thankful for that.

The sweet, sweet harvest heralds another year of prosperity.