By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

A few final harvest reports are trickling in from local wineries, so we'll continue to publish them and then we'll also do some regional round-ups sometime after Thanksgiving.

Over the weekend, I got a note from Adam Suprenant, the UC Davis-trained winemaker at Osprey's Dominion Vineyards in Peconic, on Long Island's North Fork.

Despite the challenges of the growing year, Adam told me that "I am declaring the 2009 vintage largely a success at Osprey's Dominion Vineyard."

He added that he will most
likely be producing a 2009 Flight, their high-quality meritage blend, "from the better tanks
of red we have" and he also thinks his whites are "above average in quality for the most part."

For those who love data, he shared that they brought in just over two tons an acre on average and that brix readings approached 22 for most of the varieties they grow, "even for cabernet sauvignon and petite verdot."

"Given the growing conditions of
2009, I could not be happier," he said in the email, adding "I was most pleased with how well the
younger vineyards delivered in 2009. These vineyards now represent
almost 30% of the Osprey's Dominion acreage and are the result an extensive
replanting effort begun in 2003."

In other news, Adam is also excited to be introducing two new wines in 2010. The first is a blended white, made from gewurztraminer, riesling and the newly bearing pinot gris acreage. This wine will be the flagship white for the estate
and be sold under the Flight label.

The second wine is Long Island's
first varietal Carmenere from the 2007 vintage. Both wines will be
released sometime in the summer of 2010.