By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief, 


Not only did I commit to one riesling per day, Monday through Friday, but I said I'd review a Long Island rose every day as well in support of Run for the Roses, which benefits CancerCare.

We'll start the Long Island portion of this month-long reviewathon with Martha Clara Vineyards 2009 Five-O Rose ($18), which hasn't been released yet and may not be until the summer. Actually it hasn't been bottled yet, but I was able to procure a tank sample to taste.

(Note: I don't feel comfortable giving scores to wines still in tank or barrel, so no score below).

A "kitchen sink" rose, it's made using 42% cabernet sauvignon, 33% merlot, 7% cabernet franc, 6% syrah, 5% pinot noir, 4% malbec and 3% petit verdot, and they come together to make something pretty unique.

Marked by juicy watermelon and red berry aromas the nose also shows a sprinkling of black pepper and earthy dried leaves.

Plump on the palate, it fruity — definitely more watermelon and red berry fruit — with subtle pepper and earthiness. But there are also layers of sweet tangerine and melon rind here too. The acid balance is good, but not great.

I look forward to tasting this again once it's bottled. I'd really like to try it with some barbecued chicken or something else right off the grill.

Producer: Martha Clara Vineyards
ABV: 11.6%

Case Production: Around 625
Price: $18

Rating: N/A

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