By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

Rkat If the Twitter chatter is to believed, many of this year's TasteCamp attendees are either in the Finger Lakes already or are on their way. It's an exciting morning for me, Evan and all the Finger Lakes wineries who are taking part in this weekend's festivities.

John Witherspoon (Anything Wine) and I kicked off the fun yesterday with a visit to Village Tavern in Hammondsport, not to eat, but to drink some older Finger Lakes riesling.

After perusing the list for a long time (it's a long list) only to learn that our first choice (a Lamoreaux Landing 1995 Cabernet Franc) wasn't available anymore, we settled on a bottle of Dr. Konstantin Frank 1991 Rkatsiteli.

It was a slightly oxidized-but-still bright wine with nice menthol-herb, caramelly-nut and dried orange peel notes. John thought it may have had a bit of cork taint, but I think it was just that oxidative note. A good-natured argument ensued that could only be appreciated by wine geeks. To others, we probably sounded like lunatics.

It's fun to taste older wines from the Finger Lakes, and there may not be a better place to do so than Village Tavern. The best part? This impeccably stored bottle of 1991 wine was only $36.