By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

I'm taking this week off from What We Drank (mostly because everything I tasted over the weekend will be reviewed elsewhere on the site).

Luckily, some other team members are picking up the slack this week.

Wtf Julia Burke:
Lagunitas Brewing Company Wilco Tango Foxtrot

Petaluma hophead
brewing superstar Lagunitas must've gotten really friendly with the band
Wilco lately. The acronym "WTF" on this "Jobless Recovery Ale" seemed
appropriate for my life: I returned from South Africa completely broke
and am attempting to recover by working nonstop. Drinking on the job
being a key aspect of the wine industry, I enjoyed this 20 oz. bomber
with my coworkers while we dealt with drunk bus after drunk bus in the
winery tasting room.

I'm a sucker for malt bombs, and this self-described
"Imperial Brown Ale" packs a sweet, roasty, chocolatey, butterscotchy
punch. Only 7.8% ABV (small potatoes for this brewery), the obvious
sweetness of this beer comes from a malt profile that would make a
German brewer blush. I kind of want to pair it with Reese's peanut butter cups or put
it in a brownie recipe. A three-finger head and snappy carbonation
helped to balance that burnt-sugar-syrup mouthfeel. 

The swift punch kick of hops that's present in the
finish of any Lagunitas brew is there, to be sure, and provides some
much-needed acidity. A great pairing beer, though a tad sweet, and
thoroughly new and different for Lagunitas.

Movia_Ribolla_2006 Bryan Calandrelli:
Movia 2006 Ribolla

I need only one hand to count the number of jaw-dropping whites I've had
in my life, but a recent tasting of Movia's Ribolla 2006 has convinced me
that I may need to use both hands soon.

If I was literally blindfolded I might think this was a red wine from
its weight, structure and viscosity.

The toasty aromas of almond and toffee
are in perfect balance with the tropical citrus and pineapple notes. Its
full body and dedicated persistence on the palate is something I don't
experience much in a white.

Dr. Vino posted a question on his blog asking "What white wine would you give to a red wine drinker?" and this is my pick. I would also nominate
it for sexiest white wine if there were an MTV style wine award show. It
will also make you want to shout "Riiiiiibolllllaaaaaa."

Evan Dawson: Pellegrini Vineyards 2000 Merlot

I realize that during May, the staff of
the NYCR has been posting largely about riesling and rose. But really,
truly, you must trust me when I say that this post is in the spirit of
that theme.

Okay, it's a stretch, but consider:
We've been posting about quite a bit of older Finger Lakes riesling.
Why not flip it, and post about an older Long Island merlot? 

poured this blind for my wife. Young or old, I asked? Young. Domestic
or foreign? Foreign. And you know what? I'd have guessed the same. It
beautiful and fresh, rounding into a superb form. I've seen a few
Pellegrini bottlings show a strong dose of oak in the past, but this was
a wine that integrated its wood seamlessly. 

told 2000 was not an ideal merlot vintage on Long Island, which makes
this bottle even more thrilling.