Juliaprofile Julia Burke has lived in the Buffalo, NY area for over ten years. She discovered her passion for craft beer while in college in Portland, Oregon, but honed her pint skills as a bartender at the Pizza Plant microbrew pub in Buffalo, where she educates customers on the many beer styles of the world. She is also deeply involved in the Niagara Escarpment wine scene, which means she has something in a glass most of the time.

Julia enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling and writing, ideally with a beer or glass of wine in hand. She has spent time in Oregon, Nova Scotia, Denmark, Ireland, France, China, and South Africa; her areas of special beer interest include Belgium, Germany, Colorado, eastern South Africa, and Oregon.

Though she loves beers of nearly any style, her favorites are the homebrews her bar regulars bring her.

A fan of mixing genres, Julia enjoys an occasional pint in the vineyard.

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