By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

P6160008I enjoyed this summer seasonal from Lake Placid Brewing, a
member of the F.X. Matt family of beers, for the first time on a kayak on a
gorgeous summer evening last week. Though I enjoy all of Lake Placid’s beers,
this one impressed me as a solid example from my least-favorite beer season.

Honey Rye pours a lovely reddish-bronze with a two-finger
head, delicate lacing, and good retention sipped from a wheat glass.

The nose
shows buckwheat honey, orange peel, and almonds with the sweet bready rye and
crisp hops standard for the style.

A full, creamy, smooth palate hits the spot and completes
the rye profile, with a crisp, clean finish.

Too often, the term “summer
seasonal” seems mistaken for “flavorless macro-style lager” — the rye element
is subtle in this brew but just present enough to lend much-needed palate
depth. Damn refreshing on a hot summer day, it’s one of the best offerings from
Lake Placid I’ve had in awhile.

Producer: Lake Placid (F.X. Matt Brewing Company)
ABV: 5.0%
Sample Size: 12 oz. bottle (355 mL)
Stemware: Wheat glass
Price: $8.99/six-pack