We only have three contirbutions this week, but — as always — some interesting libations have filled the glasses of the New York Cork Report editors and contributors.

NewrieslingsEvan Dawson: Multi-year semi-dry riesling flight at Red Newt Bistro

Red Newt Bistro offers a nice range of wine flights, with three
wines per flight and generous pours of each.

On a recent visit I
chose a flight that included the Sheldrake Point 2006 Riesling, the Red
Newt 2007 Semi-Dry Riesling, and the 2008 Red Newt Circle Riesling.

The Sheldrake was simply explosive. Rich, long, and hugely
aromatic, my one concern was its relatively advanced aging for a wine
this young. The petrol notes are showing up already, and perhaps our
science editor can address whether this is expected or even a potential
result of storage (which I doubt).

Either way, it's a big, luscious

is all about context, and in this lineup, the Circle Riesling came off
as snappy and austere. At 3.2 RS!


and Deb Whiting give a lot of thought to constructing an all-local wine
list, and it shows. I'm looking forward to a flight of 2004 dry
riesling on the next visit.

Pinotgrigio Ralph DiGennaro:
Barone Fini 2009 Pinot Grigio Alto Adige

This is a zesty, unusually concentrated pinot grigio from the much heralded high altitude
Trentinto Alto Adige region of northern Italy by Barone Fini, a relative newcomer among
Italian producers of this often maligned varietal.

Wild flowers, herbs and green apple aromas rise up from the glass, not unlike a fine Viognier.

On the palate are mineral and allspice notes with an undercurrent of raw cashews. Medium to full-bodied, it finishes long and satisfying, with hints of ripe pear and pronounced lemon curd flavors.

Simple yet delicious, the grapes are all handpicked, according to owner Giovanni Bonmartini-
Fini, whose major objective is to produce wines meant to be enjoyed with food.

I paired it with peppered sashimi tuna barely seared on the outside–the acidity of the wine was
a perfect counterpoint to the heat of the black pepper and saltiness of a soy ginger sauce
that I used as a dipping sauce.

Bonmartini-Fini’s wines (he also produces a Pinot Grigio Valdadige) have changed my attitude about pinot grigio. 6,000 cases made.

MummCordonRouge1966  Mumm Cordon Rouge 1966

Over the weekend our neighbors at the Seneca Lodge in Watkins Glenn
brought out a few bottles of Mumm Cordon Rouge 1966 to celebrate a day of wine tasting.

Since I don¹t have much experience with aged champagnes I was more
impressed with the year then the producer or rarity of these wines. As quickly as
the excitement built up to taste them, it went away with a fizzle as the
corks showed major signs of failure.

I was the first to try and was happy that there was still some bubbles
but the wine had gone slightly sour and was generously oxidized. It was a
big letdown for the owners but given the condition of the cork, I was
impressed that it was still drinkable.

I think it could have passed a sour beer brewed with brett and if I paid
for the wine myself I would have drank the whole bottle.