DF Headshot_cube David Flaherty is the Operations Manager for Hearth Restaurant and Terroir Wine Bar in NYC’s East Village and Tribeca, and has also built a reputation for his blog Grapes & Grains.

He holds a Level 3 Advanced Certificate with Distinction from the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust and has built relationships in the wine industry from such countries and regions as Chile, Napa Valley, New Zealand, Finger Lakes, Rioja, Barossa and Long Island.

His passion and knowledge have been developed from working in the restaurant, bar and retail wine industry for more than fifteen years. In addition to food and wine, he is also digging on spirits, with a fascination for mixology and fine bourbons.

Raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, one of the country’s great microbrewing regions he developed an appreciation for specialty beers. Now an enthusiastic homebrewer, he is a member of the American Homebrewers Association and the NYC Homebrewers Guild.

For the New York Cork Report, he’ll cover the breweries and urban wineries of New York City.

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