SoutherntierBy deeming this imperial black ale, the "antithesis of Unearthly" the label on this Southern Tier Brewing Company offering promises another 22 ounces of pure hedonism.

It pours jet black into a goblet with a puffy three-finger head, for a sexiness shorter-lived than Lindsay Lohan's; fifteen seconds and it falls away like a deflated bouncy castle leaving minimal lacing.

The nose is milk. School cafeteria milk, chocolate milk, sweetened condensed milk maybe, and just a suggestion of light hops. Supposedly there's Chinook and Willamette in here, Cascade and Centennial on the finish, bu they're surprisingly restrained for this normally hop-crazy brewery.

On the palate, Iniquity hides its 9% ABV amazingly well with little sweetness, instead offering a creamy mouthfeel with a little hazelnut and smoke.

There's a rather lackluster finish with muted hops and more of that sweetened condensed milk, except more like the lid of the can than the contents.

It's indeed the antithesis of Unearthly: it's forgettable.

Producer: Southern Tier Brewing Company
ABV: 8.9%
Sample Size: 22 oz. Bomber
Stemware: 12 oz. goblet
Availability: Year-round
Rating: C+