557105523_1973763490_0This is one of two collaboration beers between brewers Hans-Peter Drexler of legendary Bavarian brewery Schneider and Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver. The version with the Brooklyn label is widely available but I found a Schneider label bottle and had to try it.

The idea is that each brewed the same beer in the other brewer's brewery, but with different hopping to assert some terroir. Yup, I just dropped the T-word. It's not a New York beer per se, but it's a New York brewer and a pretty interesting concept.

This weiss pours a gorgeous cloudy tangerine color, with a luscious peach, orange and tangerine nose.

The head was a bit compromised since the bar, Cole's, does not offer wiessbier glasses, but still showed a delicate 2 fingers of citrusy bliss. Light elegant Noble hops are evident, and yeast aromas are more apparent towards the end of the bottle.

The palate explodes with a full burst of citrus fruit salad, with layers of fruit, hops and just the right amount of carbonation (American weiss biers tend to overdo it in this department, but Garrett Oliver nailed this one).

A pure pleasure to drink, and a fascinating example of the collaboration beer trend.  

Producer: Brooklyn Brewery and Schneider Brewery
ABV: 8.5%
Sample Size: .5L bottle
Stemware: 12 oz. goblet
Price: $7 (at bar)
Availability: Specialty
Rating: A