I just received this weather- and harvest-related update from David Page at Shinn Estate Vineyards:

"Still too close to call. Could go either way. The best news is that whatever is coming is expected to exit quickly. If our fruit is damaged the wind and sun forcast for Saturday through the middle of next week will help to dry things out. We'll be harvesting whites soon after the storm passes. Almost pulled the harvest trigger on our oldest block of Sauvignon Blanc today. It is already at 23 brix but PH is at 3.20 so it is very healthy. We'll take the risk in the hope that we'll have a little 'Haven' on the other side."

At a press conference this afternoon, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy noted that the worse weather will likely be from Riverhead — where the two Forks of the East End split — east.

That's good news for me (I live west of Riverhead) but potentially not for wine country.