Sunsetlabel By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

This offering from Chelsea Brewing Company in NYC isn't seen too often in the Buffalo area, so when I saw it on tap at Blue Monk I had to give it a shot.

Pouring a murky amber red into a pint glass with barely a one-finger head and no lacing whatsoever (likely a factor of the bar rather than the beer – I always give the benefit of the doubt with draft pints).

The nose has a rather locker room-esque funk and a musky, grainy hop presence, with little other flavor. 

At first sip the surprising sweet raisiny crystal-malt character is quite pleasant, but the clumsy smack of hops on the rather short finish detracts immediately for an underwhelming drinking experience.

Not unenjoyable, but a slightly awkward effort. For chili and other spicy foods.

Producer: Chelsea Brewing Company
ABV: 5%
Sample Size: 16 oz. pint
Stemware: Pint glass
Price: $7
Availability: Year-round
Rating: C+