By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor

Cork The New York Cork Report (formerly known as LENNDEVOURS) turns seven today. That's 2,959 posts and 9,354 comments worth. Wow.

Seven years of New York wine, beer, food and spirits — and more importantly the people behind them — seems both like an eternity and a blink of an eye. I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that it's an honor to write about these people, places and passions. We're thankful for the opportunity and try to do them justice.

This isn't an easy post for me to write — self-congratulations just isn't my style — so I'm going to keep it short.

Thank you. Thank you for reading. Whether you've been reading for several years or just a few days, we appreciate you spending a few moments with us here on this site.

Thank you too to those in the New York wine and related industries. Without your captivating stories and creations, simply wouldn't and couldn't be what it is today.

Thank you too to my fellow NYCR contributors both past and present. With one voice, this site was interesting, but with you on board, it's really something special

Lastly, I have to thank my wife Nena, who encouraged me to start this site years ago and still encourages me today. Actually, all of spouses and significant others of the entire team deserve a thanks — we're obsessive at times. Your tolerance is appreciated.

We have some big changes and plans in the works — don't we always? — but today is a day to reflect just a bit on the past seven years. At least in terms of the site's logo and design. Please don't laugh.

One of our very first designs, with a portion of one of my first print columns for the local paper.


Ah, the once-ubiquitous picture with a wine glass, gazing at it, pondering it's complexities. At least we had a real logo then.


Okay — a slightly different logo, and at least my face is mostly hidden. Bonus: My first "Thanksgiving wine pairing columns are inane" post.


Iterative tweaks and changes — including more banner ads.


It's been a long, strange trip to where are today. Thank you again for reading and sharing your thoughts and ideas with us along the way. We don't have any plans of slowing down or stopping the lunacy that is the New York Cork Report.