050611092447By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

What's better than maibock season after a long winter and a late-bloomer spring?

This one from Flying Bison Brewing Company is a deep, bloody orange-amber color with a delicate one-finger head and faint lacing. 

The nose is all chewy, warm cinnamon-raisin bread and orange zest, with some pecan and nutmeg.

A big spicy gingerbread palate with a hint of sweetness and balanced carbonation makes for a tasty drinking experience; the solid banana-bread malt bill and crisp, spicy finish, with good length, make for a delicious take on this undeservedly little-known seasonal style. Hops are more vocal than the carbonation, lending just enough acidity to steer the palate profile out of sweetness territory.

This one hits the spot after a day of yard work and is a perfect match for chips and spicy dip.

Maibock season is almost over; take advantage, and if you can get ahold of this one, all the better.

Note: the picture at right is of my neighbor's goblet of the maibock, not my own pint which I enjoyed out of a mug at the brewery. This type of wide goblet minimizes lacing with this type of style. However, the photo demonstrates the excellent burgers-on-the-grill pairing that we enjoyed with this beer that evening.

Producer: Flying Bison Brewing Company
ABV: 7%
Style: Maibock
Sample size: 16 oz.
Stemware: mug
Price: $9.50 growler
Score: B