Posts Written OnJuly 18, 2011

Commentary: Expensive Doesn’t Mean Great in Just About Anything. Especially Wine

By Evan Dawson, Managing Editor     By now you've probably heard about the faux scandal involving Congressman Paul Ryan and his expensive bottles of Burgundy at a D.C. restaurant. If you somehow missed it, here's a quick summary: Rep. Paul Ryan goes out to dinner with some wealthy friends. Those friends decide to order two bottles of a $350 Burgundy. A woman sitting nearby recognizes Rep. Ryan and looks up the price of the bottles. The woman decides it's somehow incongruous for Rep. Ryan to talk about the government cutting spending while he's drinking expensive wine. She also wonders if his…

Visiting Some of Long Island’s More Limo-Friendly Wineries — Plus One

The always-beautiful spot next to the pond at Pugliese Vineyards By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor If you're like me, when you first move to a new wine region, you intrepidly explore it — visiting different tasting rooms every weekend and sampling different things on their tasting menus each time you go. Everything is so new and so exciting. Will that small place down the road have something killer you've never tasted before? Nena and I used to ask that question often. But over time that non-stop exploration slows. You've tasted most of the wines at most of the wineries and…

Vineyard Visuals: McCall Wines

By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor We had picture-perfect weather in Long Island wine country this weekend. In fact, these were some of hte only clouds I remember. This is a shot from the parking lot at McCall Wines where I tasted not only some delicious pinot, but some of the best 2010 sauvignon blanc I've had so far. Story coming later today or tomorrow.