By David Flaherty, New York City Correspondent

Beerweek Like most great ideas, I am guessing it was born over a round of beers. But one thing I am sure of is that it wasn't born over a round of mass-produced swill. It had to be craft, and craft all the way.

Today, for the fourth year in a row, NY Craft Beer Week is locked, loaded and sprung tight like a crossbow waiting to fire. And this year is bigger, badder and tech-friendlier than ever before. Josh Schaffner and his crack crew (including the talented Amy Litt and Chris Cuzme) have put together a week of beer-soaked specials, dinners and events on a mind-boggling scale.

More than 175 NYC bars are participating, as well as nearly 30 great, beer-loving restaurants. If you aren't convinced that craft beer has taken this city by storm — and trust me, I should know; ordering craft beer for the establishments I work for has become a mad scramble with limited releases selling out in hours — think again. 

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. And now that pie has come to you.  And its piping hot. 

Get out on the streets, buy a passport for a mere $10 Hamilton (or download it onto your Android or IPhone) or just pop in for one of the beer pairing menus at a revered restaurant you've always wanted to try. The passport is filled with coupons that entitle you to a $3 beer at each bar, so the deal repays itself in spades. 

Rally behind the cause, fill your pint glass with the good stuff and let the taps flow. Support craft beer. And support New York.

For more info and a complete list of participants, check out this link: