By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor

Help-wantedAs the team and I work in the background to migrate all of our content — 3,300+ posts — to our new platform and fine-tune the new design, it’s made me realize that we have two roles that we really need to fill before we move to the new site — day-to-day New York wine news and coverage of Lake Erie region of western New York.

Our goal has always been to cover the entire state’s wine, beer, spirits and food scene — and to make that happen, we need someone on the ground in the Lake Erie region to not only write about the wines, but discover the stories behind them.

The News Editor position will be filled by someone who can help the regional wine editors in fielding, filtering and writing up news and event announcements for the site.

Love local wine? Want to get some writing experience? Want to join the team behind one of the Internet’s most respected wine websites? Please send me an email.