Captain Lawrence Brewing Company has been working through some growing pains over the last couple of years.  They’ve just gotten so damn popular they couldn’t keep up with demand (pretty much a problem any business wants to find themselves in), going so far as to pull out of the New Jersey market to keep their supply to the Empire State flowing.

Striking it rich with popularity in the New York City beer scene means you better be ready; ready for the thirsty mobs who’ll pound through whatever barrel of beer you put in front of them and ready for the diehards that get up at 4 a.m. to trek to the brewery’s door for the latest specialty releases.  Beer geeks are kind of like crack heads and when you get us hooked, you better keep the supply coming….or we’ll show up at your door with a shiv carved from a toothbrush and demand a sixtel of Kolsch…and no one wants it to come to that.

So, after assessing the situation, they made a move.  From their former home in Pleasantville, they’ve now completed their move to a new location just south in Elmsford, NY, where they’ve taken up a shop in an industrial park and essentially doubled their square footage to over 18,000 sq. ft.  They’ve built a five-vessel, forty-barrel brewhouse that has enabled them to increase their production five-fold.  And to continue their experimental projects that their fans just can’t get enough of, they’ve also built a seven-barrel brewhouse devoted to their creative whims.

But, and perhaps most exciting for those of us who don’t have a kegerator full of their suds, they’ve now added a bottling line and are cranking out 12-oz bottles to the market.  (Previously, the only bottled beer of theirs was the Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA in 16 oz bottle; they’ve now released their Freshchester Pale Ale, Liquid Gold and Captain’s Kolsch in 12-oz bottles).

Today, I just picked up a six-pack at my local grocery store and I skipped all the way home, whistling with glee and clicking my heels with excitement.  Rest assured fellow Captain Lawrence addicts, the supply is flowing strong.  Now put the shivs down and rejoice.