The finalists in the 2012 Wine Blog Awards competition have been announced.  We’d like to congratulate all of the finalists and encourage our readers to vote.

When I shared this link on Facebook this morning, I was surprised (and humbled) at the number of people who contacted me asking why the New York Cork Report wasn’t nominated, named a finalist, etc.

It’s really quite simple — Evan and I decided to serve as judges this year and as such, recused the NYCR from the competition. It was not a requirement for us to do so to judge (some judges are on the finalist list) but we feel strongly that we wanted to.

You will note that Evan’s post Why Do I Write About Wine? is a finalist in the “Best Blog Post” category. That’s because we didn’t know it was nominated. And, as it’s an individual post rather than our entire blog, I hope he wins. Neither of us judged that category. Because NYCR has won the “Best Single-Subject Blog” three times, we each judged that category as well as the “Best Overall Blog” category.

Evan and I haven’t discussed what we’ll do next year, but I do like that there will be a new winner in the “Best Single-Subject Blog” category. There are some great regionally focused blogs out there that deserve the accolades we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Check out the finalists and vote for your favorites.