When something bad happens to your neighbor, you want to help. You bring over some soup or a baked ziti or cookies, or maybe you even invite them into your home. You do… something. Because doing nothing feels strange and wrong.

Making that human connection — be it with the person who lives 10 yards away, or the unknowns you watched on the news last night who lost all their worldly possessions digging mud out of their house, or the elderly woman who, after nearly two weeks, still doesn’t have power in her 10-floor Lower East Side or Coney Island walk-up, or the young guy in Red Hook whose business was destroyed or, most horrifying, people who lost loved ones among the 110 across the tri-state area, more than a third of which were in New York City alone — is what it’s all about, people.

We like to do it  over wine here at NYCR, but right now we need more than corks.

Some of us here at NYCR weren’t affected personally at all; some of us have been without power for extended periods; some of us live a stone’s throw from some of the worst sites of devastation. However we were or weren’t affected, we know we want to help, and we suspect you do, too. Below is a list of organizations and events — some obvious, some possibly less obvious — that are doing their best to help and to whom you can give to help out those in need.

You might not live next door, but you might — it’s the seven degrees of separation theory: a person you know knows a person who knows a person, linking us into one, big community. Because really, we are – and some of those people in your big, world neighborhood need help badly. Check it out below — and give.


Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation: All donations directly benefit those that have been adversely impacted by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy on the New York City and New Jersey coastlines. They have been hard at work collecting clothes, cleaning supplies, you name it, and distributing them directly to people in need (our contributor Amy Z. can vouch – she volunteered to bring stuff from their offices on Hylan Boulevard directly to the homes of people who lost everything and needed coats and clothing for their families). Great group doing great work – http://www.tunneltotowersrun.org/

The Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC: This 501(c)(3) charity is a direct line for hurricane relief in NYC, “…currently identifying immediate aid needs, including food, water and hygiene supplies, as well as long-term relief and restoration efforts.” Click here to donate:  https://www.nyc.gov/html/fund/html/donate/donate.shtml

Restore Red Hook:  This 501(c)(3) has been raising funds and distributing them directly to businesses in the area hit hard or, in some cases, completely devastated by Sandy. http://restoreredhook.org/.

Occupy Sandy: Relief organization created to distribute volunteers, supplies, and general aid to the communities hit hardest by Sandy. http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/

Alphabet City Rescue Mission: Lower Manhattan got walloped, too. Cocktail/spirits write and Lower East Side resident Jenny Adams created this fund-raiser page to get food, clothes, gift cards for supplies, and anything else she and her army can get their hands on to organizations like the Trinity Mission in her nabe. Great, great work, Jenny. Check it out: http://www.gofundme.com/1g96zs

The Red Cross: You know ‘em, you trust ‘em. They’re here to help. http://www.redcross.org/


Tonight: Dine Out Williamsburg for Sandy Relief. 10%-20% of the proceeds of all meals eaten at participating restaurants tonight to go the Red Cross for Sandy aid. Hey, you gotta eat – so you may as well make it count in Billyburg. See list here: http://dineoutwilliamsburg.com/participants/

Saturday, November 10: Sandy Relief All-Star Benefit, The Beer Garden, 1883 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, 9pm.We’re not so sure what the all-star part is, but who cares? If you live in or near Staten Island, head to Beer Garden the for beer and live music. $20 at the door goes straight to Tunnels 2 Towers (see above). Wanna give more? Bring a gift card to Home Depot, Lowes, or any large chain grocery store and T2T will distribute to families in need.

Sunday, November 11: Murray Aid & Sandy Relief 50/50 Fundraiser, Pegu Club, 77 West Houston Street, Manhattan, 5pm-1am. The awesome, talented, big-hearted cocktail guru Audrey Saunders is throwing this fundraiser for both fellow 3-decade bartender Murray Stenson, whose recent heart problems have put him out of work and under a pile of ever-growing bills and Hurricane Sandy relief. All proceeds from drinks that night get split 50/50 to Murray and NY communities hit hardest by Sandy. Even better – behind the bar will be a superstar cocktail mixer n’ shaker line-up. What else were you gonna do Sunday night? (Come on, you can watch Boardwalk Empire later on demand.)

Saturday, November 17: Hurricane Sandy Relief Fun Run, Farrell’s Bar & Grill, 215 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, 10am: All proceeds benefit victims in the Rockaways, hard-hit Breezy Point, and Staten Island. “No shirts, no awards, no party – all you get is to help those in need.” Dig it – $20 donation is expected; don’t cheap out. No shirts, No awards, No party, All you get is to help those in need Asking for a $20.00 donation per runner
All cash will be given to a Foundation to help Families out in the Breezy Point and Rockaway Communities.No shirts, No awards, No party, All you get is to help those in need Asking for a $20.00 donation per runner
All cash will be given to a Foundation to help Families out in the Breezy Point and Rockaway Communities.Money goes to “charities directly involved in the Breezy Point, Rockaway, and Staten Island Communities” – we’re trying to get that list for you; stay tuned. https://www.wepay.com/donations/hurricane-sandy-help-run?utm_campaign=shops&utm_medium=link&utm_source=facebook&ref=bGluazoyMjgzNzc3NjE6

Obviously, this isn’t even approaching an exhaustive list, so if you know of a restaurant, business, or legit organization collecting aid in your area, post here — we’d all love to hear about it!