One of my top goals for this website in 2013 is the addition of vintage and tasting reports that span regions for a variety of grapes or styles of wine. The idea of a comprehensive tasting (or tastings) for — say 2010 merlots or 2012 rieslings — isn’t a new one, but I don’t know of anyone else doing it for New York wine.

The logistics and mechanics of doing these tastings are a bit daunting for a website published by part-time-but-passionate lovers of local wine — not to mention the writing of the reports — but I feel strongly about it, so we’re going to dive in head first.

The New York Cork Report will conduct its first such tasting — focusing on 2012 rosé — in late May and the full report will be published in mid-June.

Over the next several weeks, the team will be working hard to gather as many wines as we can for this tasting (as well as choosing a location and format for it). I mentioned this tasting on Twitter last week and several wineries have already contacted me, but if you’re a New York winery that would like to send us wines, I’d invite you to do so using our wine submission form.