I don’t mention it often here on the site, but in addition to writing about New York wines here and in various print publications, I’m also on the board of directors for Drink Local Wine, and organization dedicated to telling the story of American wine in its entirety — from coast to coast across the Americas.

In addition to putting on an annual conference that we move from region to region, we also organize Regional Wine Week, which runs from October 6-12. It’s the sixth annual such week and once again we invite writers from across the continent post stories to their blogs, websites, magazines and newspapers about their favorite regional and local wines, wineries and events.

Not a writer? You can still take part! Regional Wine Week is open to anyone –- from professional wine writers to wine enthusiasts with Facebook pages or Tumblr sites. You can submit stories about anything related to wineries, winemakers and wines from anywhere in North America.\

In addition, we’re hosting a Regional Wine Week photo contest on our Facebook page.  Check it out and share your favorite wine country shots this week.

For information about Regional Wine Week or to submit a story link, please email us.