When the Long Island Wine Council hired Ali Tuthill last spring as its first marketing director, many in the industry were curious about what she would try to do, and what she’d be able to accomplish. After a somewhat quiet period that was no doubt spent meeting with winery owners and winemakers, getting the “lay of the land” as it were, the wine council has launched a new website, logo and branding — all with the goal of creating a cohesive brand for Long Island Wine Country. 

You can see the results at liwines.com and, as someone who works in digital marketing and community management at my day job, I can tell you that they are impressive.

The focus of the site’s content is trained squarely on the land, the people and the wines of the region. You could call it the character of Long Island Wine Country, which leads me to a less-obvious part of Tuthill’s work, the #LIcharacter hashtag she’s using and encouraging wineries to use in their social media engagements.

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