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World Wide Wine Blogging Wednesday #2 Announcement Coming Soon

I’m not going to spoil the surprise of who is going to host the 2nd installment of World Wide Wine Blogging Day, but, I’ll tell you that it will be revealed soon (probably by the end of the day.) The new host raised an excellent issue…and after much consideration, I’ve agreed that we should and will rename the event to Wine Blogging Wednesday…or WBW for all you acronym fans out there. Stay tuned…the next episode of WBW promises to be bigger and better than the first!

World Wide Wine Blogging Wednesday — Episode 1

Ladies and gentlemen…after a month or so of promoting World Wide Wine Blogging Wednesday (WWWBW), it’s finally here! I’m hopefully that we’ll have a great turnout for the theme of inexpensive New World Merlot that is not from the United States and costs $15 or less! As the vinter of this new blogging event, I felt a certain pressure to come up with a spectacular example. And, while my wine was above average, I wouldn’t characterize it as spectacular. My wine was Trumpeters Merlot 2003 from Bodega La Rural, Argentina. I picked this one up on one of my always-fun…