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Edible Brooklyn’s Fall Issue is Out

You guys know that I’m a fan of the Edible family of magazines. They always featured good, passionate writing and focus on topics that you just won’t see in the glossy, national pubs. I also write for both the Edible East End and Edible Brooklyn editions, and no matter where my writing career may take me, I’ll never stop contributing to these magazines. They are that important. However, both magazines can be painfully slow when it comes to getting the issues online, but Brooklyn’s latest issue is now up on their site, including my Empire Oenophile column where I focus…

Empire Oenophile in Edible Brooklyn’s Spring Issue

The fine folks at Edible Brooklyn have gotten around to posting the current issue, Spring 2007, on their website, so now I can point you to my first "Empire Oenophile" column there(It’s a pdf). I think you’ll find it an interesting read–especially if you’re sick of always reading about Long Island wines. In this particularly column, I focus heavily on the Finger Lakes but then include Long Island as well. Read it now.

East End Oenophile in Edible East End

The spring issue of Edible East End will hit the streets later this week, and this is particularly fun for me because it marks the debut of my new column "East End Oenophile." Once they update their website with the new issue, I’ll be sure to point to the piece, which will always focus on interesting Long Island wines and wine industry happenings. This issue has a lot of great wine writing in it actually, with a two other features on the local wine world. I am also doing a column for Edible Brooklyn starting with the spring issue. We’re…

Save the Date: May 16 — Brooklyn Uncorked

Details are still to come, but if you’d like to sample a lot of Long Island wine in one place at one time, Brooklyn Uncorked is going to be a great place to do it. Windows On Long Island used to be the big New York City tasting for Long Island wines, but they haven’t held that event in a couple years. Sponsored by two publications that I’ll be writing for starting this spring — Edible Brooklyn and Edible East End — and the Long Island Wine Council, Brooklyn Uncorked is happening May 16th at the Brooklyn Academy of Music…

More on the Lisa Granik Op-Ed

I swear that I’m not piling on Lisa Granik, what with my post from Monday and all. But, yesterday I found myself reading some back issues of Edible Brooklyn, and I came across this story that Lisa wrote. Looking at the op-ed and the Edible story side by side, it’s hard to believe that the same person wrote them both. In fact, on many (many) points, they seem to be on polar opposite sides of the same issue. Read the op-ed (if you haven’t already) Read the Edible Brooklyn piece. What do you think?