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Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Seasons (February 22)

Finally! Resident photographer, Ellen Watson, and I have been complaining about Long Island’s lack of snow for some time now…because we wanted some snowy shots of our little spot in Wolffer Estate’s vineyard. This morning, she got the first snow shot: "Blowing, blustery, wet and cold. Big trucks racing by behind me, throwing slush onto my vulnerable Subaru parked on the side of the road……finally some snow and our beloved Wolffer Estate as it looked blanketed in it….9:15 a.m." — Ellen Watson

Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Seasons (January 12)

It’s been a little while since our resident photographer, Ellen Watson, sent a photo update of our little block of Wolffer Estate chardonnay. We’ve had a lot of dreary weather when Ellen was out that way, and as you can see, we still haven’t had any snow that is sticking long. There is something about vineyards this time of year that I find so appealing. I actually think I find them more attractive now than when they are lush and over-flowing with green and grapes. Maybe it’s the fact that they are sleeping now, preparing to bring us great wines…

Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Growing Season (November 19)

Our resident shutterfly, Ellen Watson sent me this stunning picture this afternoon with a note saying: "Yesterday was a gorgeous day. It was bitter cold. I got to Wolffer and noticed that all of the leaves are off of the vines. The color of the vines is a red brown….the clouds and sky were spectacular….the ground was cold and damp as I lay on my belly. I prayed that I could hold the camera still as the wind blew over me @ 3:30 in the afternoon." Ellen and I will continue this project through the winter as well, so I…

Ellen Watson featured at Plein Air Peconic II at the Wallace Gallery

I should have posted about this sooner, but our resident photographer, Ellen Watson, is one of the featured artists/photographers taking part in Plein Air Peconic II an exhibition featuring sites conserved by the Peconic Land Trust. Ten plein air painters and three landscape photographers worked in the field during August and September of 2006 to create Plein Air Peconic, a project that takes the ongoing collaboration between local artists and the Peconic Land Trust one step further. Plein Air Peconic II — the second major exhibition of all 14 Plein Air Peconic artists — opened on Saturday, October 6, 2007…

Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Growing Season (September 1)

We continue keeping an eye on Wolffer Estate Vineyards with Ellen Watson, our resident photographer. As you can see, they’ve added netting to keep birds from eating the sweetening grapes. Does it work? Sometimes…and it’s better than nothing I guess. This picture was taken on September 1 at around 7:00 a.m. and has been added to the Flickr slideshow.  

Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Growing Season

This is going to be fun. Ellen Watson, our resident photographer, has decided to visit and re-visit the same spot in Wolffer Estate’s vineyard every few weeks throughout the growing season. This picture was taken yesterday (June 3) and it’s already remarkably different from the picture taken on May 20. I’ve also started a Flickr slideshow, that eventually should be a pretty cool click-through.