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Long Island Bounty: October 20 Edition

This past Saturday morning I got up early and headed out to the North Fork to pick up some local veggies for the coming week. The beets, carrots, Japanese eggplant and heirloom tomatoes are from Sang Lee Farms. The cheese pumpkin (I actually bought two) are from Harbes Family Farm. The acorn squash, butternut squash, round summer squash and purple cauliflower are from Northville Farm Stand. And, the three different varieties of organic garlic are from Garden of Eve. So far, I’ve roasted both pumpkins…one for Jackson and one for his parents, and we’ve eaten most of the tomatoes.

Sang Lee Farms in canvas magazine

In this month’s issue of canvas, Cindy Krezel turns her Tasting Notes column to one of my favorite North Fork farms, Sang Lee Farms. The story focuses mainly on greens, but take it from someone who has driven out there (at least 45 minutes each way) just for their heirloom tomatoes–this is a place you have to check out. They also grow delicious, multi-colored carrots that I’ve enjoyed in the past and make some excellent pre-made Asian pestos and sauces as well.